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Roots and Crowns

The Vivian Rose 

The Vivian Rose is the perfect Valentine's Day cocktail! Our friend Max of Roots & Crowns developed it to showcase her Be-Loved Aphrodisiac Bitters. Ingredients include Bee Local honey, cacao, rose, maca, cloves, hawthorne and rose, and gentian & rose tinctures (All herbs are organic). 

Be-Loved Bitters are specially formulated to stir the soul! 


To Make: 

1/2 shot of Rose Infused Vodka

1/2 shot of Dolin Rouge

Juice of 1/2 Meyer Lemon

2 Full Droppers Be-Loved Aphrodisiac Bitters

Add Fizzy Water of Your Choice

Rose Petal Ice Cubes Optional (but highly recommended)


 Vivian Rose

Vivian Rose

Vivian Rose

Vivian Rose