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Salt Water Fire - Eclade de Moules

Every month Jacobsen Salt, Bee Local and Williams-Sonoma host a casual communal dining event to celebrate our community, chefs and the rich bounty of ingredients we are lucky enough to have here in Oregon.

This month we chose an Eclade de Moules:

"An eclade de moules traditionally takes place directly on the beach or out in the forest. A large quantity of fresh mussels are laid carefully in concentric circles on large wooden boards.

The mussels are then covered with dry pine needles or boughs which are then set on fire - roasting and steaming the mussels in their own shells. After the ashes are blown away, we will drizzle the mussels with olive oil and Jacobsen salt, and then devour the tender morsels with our hands."

The event was a huge success, we look forward to the next one.