Our Beekeepers

In addition to producing our own honey, Bee Local sources some of the most unique, delicious and sustainably-produced honeys from like-minded beekeepers around the country. These Bee Local Approved™ beekeepers fall in line with the pillars of Bee Local apiculture:

  • Bees are not fed High Fructose Corn Syrup – unfortunately, many commercial beekeeping operations feed their bees high fructose corn syrup, severely affecting the flavor and quality of the honey, as well as the health of the bees.
  • Our goal is to minimize use of in-hive chemical treatments such as antibiotics and arachnoides, and we strive to seek out alternative methods to heal common ailments that affect our bees.
  • We source from geographic regions that minimize bees’ exposure to pesticides and herbicides.
  • Our honeys are never heated, treated, blended or ultra-filtered. This results in flavorful, pollen rich and raw unadulterated honey – traceable from hive to jar.